During the months of Sep and Oct 2017 I spent 6-7 weeks onboard the Salila. The experience I had was nothing short of fantastic, all the crew worked in a very professional and friendly manner. At all times, they were very attentive and were always willing to help and assist if I or the team needed anything. The way in which all the crew worked was a direct reflection of the cruise Director Emi who spend many long hours working tirelessly insuring that all the needs of the production were met. I cannot speak highly enough about her, her efforts along with the crew made our job and task so much easier and seamless. I would have no hesitation in utilizing the Salila again and I would highly recommend it to anyone else looking to hire a live aboard vessel. Finally, I would like to thank Emi and all the crew on board the Salila.
MrDennis Weir
Head of Security, GFS Risk Ltd
Testimonial video from Yohei Ueno
"Thanks a lot for your kind help with the charter in Indonesia. When we got there, we understood how difficult it was for you to find a yacht there! But everything worked perfect. Emi is the Treasure of Salila. That goes without saying. She was our good angel for the whole trip. And she was perfect in anything she did. She was amazing. The crew was also always friendly and ready to help! And we generally felt very well taken care of. The towables arrangements worked perfect! Exactly as I wanted :-) The diving courses..... Those were loosing students :-) Two of the students referred to the health issues (not related to diving) and another promising student was wounded while riding the banana towable. So finally the ratio of instructors per capita was excellent! All the instructors were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and generally very pleasant people. We enjoyed our time with them. Diving there in Indonesia was spectacular! And Salila is very well prepared for anything related to diving! Alcohol arrangements worked perfect, thanks to Emi :-) The food was adequate, given the number of people, different tastes and the one-week-no-harbour travel. The boat quality. I would say it was an precise match for an expedition tour. Salila exactly met our expectations. It was not a luxury yacht, but we were not disappointed a single moment :-) Spacious, comfortable, honest ... we liked it a lot! And two master-cabins worked sooowell!!! We had our parents and ourselves treated to those rooms, while other guests did not feel downshifted in any manner. Of course things got not-working and broken .... but those were fixed immediately, without affecting our positive impression! So, overall that was a fantastic trip!
We ticked all the boxes!
- Deserted Islands - yes
- Island with the lake inside - please!
- Volcano island - enjoyed!
- Komodo dragons - two times
- Manta rays - wow!
- Hiking, beach combing, snorkeling, kayaking - super
- waterfall jumping - yep!
So the tour was really rather an adventure for the active people like us! We liked it a lot."
Mr Konstantin Shmelev
We are absolutely delighted to add such a unique vessel to our charter yacht fleet. Not only is the yacht unique, but the incredible locations it takes its guests. We are absolutely certain of the quality of this yacht and its crew since we took the whole of the Northrop and Johnson Asia team aboard for a recent cruise to the Komodo Islands where we had a simply wonderful experience. Guests will be really surprised by the high quality interior and beautiful design.
Mr. Simon Turner
Director of Northrop and Johnson
All of my guests feedback was that it was an overwhelmingly great day. They had an awesome time. More importantly my wife had a great time, so thank you. I think the staff were fantastic, always attentive, always accommodating and always in good humour. The boat was great, made me really wish we could have stuck with the original plan of Komodo, maybe next time. We just had too many people and kids in the end. I really appreciate the teams efforts to get the banana boat in for the kids - it made their day...and a few of the adults! All in all a great experience, thank.
Mr. Rod Lappin
Chairman, NEC Lenovo Group
We had the pleasure of a wonderful voyage last week thanks to our good friend's 40th birthday. A wonderful ship and crew!
Mr. Adrian Pin
My Salila adventure through Komodo was memorable for all the right reasons. I loved the ship and felt like we really could go safely anywhere on the planet in comfort. The cabins were ultra spacious and luxurious. With so many living areas and quiet spots, one could always find a bit of serenity and privacy somewhere on the boat. The staff were friendly and helpful - especially the hostess Emy. The tenders have no equal - cruising from one activity to the next in a 7.5m RIB with twin 115s is the only way to motor. I highly recommend it. I had a great trip through Komodo and our dive masters were awesome too.
Ross Phillips
Director Tropicsurf
It was so great and nice and all management are good and people are all very nice. Especially one guy who was swimming with me for one hour. In future, if I want to go any place of the world, you can always arrange trip for me, right? Look forward to meeting you again.