Over the years menus have been developed and re-designed to utilise the best of fresh local and high quality imported products to prepare a variety of Indonesian, Asian and Western dishes. We share common values with our guests of loving the sea, enjoying the sun, spending the day outdoor and eating healthy. All dishes are homemade using plenty of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Discover the culinary delights; our chefs are keen to keep the ingredients as nutritious as they are to provide a good balanced diet on active days spent in the water.

Following Salila’s Japanese tradition, fresh seafood, bought from the local fishermen, is always present in each meal. All-time favourite beach BBQ is the highlight of the trip and an unforgettable time spent with your beloved while enjoying delicious fresh lobster, prawns, squid and tuna steak.

Our guests are served 3 main meals, refreshments and in between snacks that are all included in the nightly package rates. Our onboard chef is happy to take special requests for those with special dietary requirements and also welcomes everyone for a cooking class or food tasting.