If you think you might be bored on a cruise ship, you will be surprised how much fun Salila can offer you. After an active day in the water, return back to aboard Salila and enjoy the lavish comfort

If you feel like having a down time, recharge at the library with some good book and magazine or have a massage for some peaceful time. When it’s so hot, just settle in the Jacuzzi or under the shade and enjoy wildlife watching. Dolphins are regular companions.

Families can challenge each other with trivia games or board games while others can watch some blockbuster movies at the lounge. The bar is open for evening cocktails and selected canapés before dinner.

Whether it’s celebrating birthday or anniversary or just simply holiday time, there is always a good reason to have a party on the deck.

In the evening, there is nothing better then having a romantic time by observing the blazing sky.